October 10, 2005

What we now know...

  • Michigan stinks. Seriously. It wasnt as if Minnesota ran some trick play to get into field goal range. It wasnt like they had their starting quarterback still in the game. They had a backup...who had yet to throw a pass...and on 3rd and 12, they get a LONG run from their BACKUP running back to get into field goal range. Hey, Jim Hermann, you wanna put eight in the box? (Minnesota 23, Michigan 20)

  • My earlier statement about the Big Ten being the best conference is in shambles. The basketball coach at the college I attend keeps pushing the ACC on me. I now say the SEC but it for dang sure isn't the Big Ten.
  • This whole time warp we have going is fun. Notre Dame, Penn State, Alabama are all good to great. The sport is better for it.
  • Blake Mitchell at South Carolina is the latest bad quarterback made into a SEC Player of the Week after playing Kentucky. Good lord the Cats are horrible. Fear not fans, basketball season officially begins next week. (South Carolina 44, Kentucky 16)
  • Speaking of Michigan...they have 3 losses and still have to face Penn State, at Iowa, and Ohio State. The Wolverines, for now, own the longest bowl streak dating back to 1974.
  • Its time to say that the road to the SEC East now goes through Athens, Ga. The Dawgs have now beaten Tennessee in Knoxville in their last three trips and won last year in the Cocktail Party. Win this year and the Dawgs can book Atlanta for the SEC Championship and perhaps a return visit as this year's site for the Sugar Bowl.
  • USC and Texas are on a collision course. Texas got their monkey off their back beating Oklahoma. They will be favored in every game from here until Pasadena. USC has work to do with Notre Dame, California, and UCLA on the schedule. The Trojans could win all three, but if they keep playing ho-hum one of them will spoil it all. All this is bad news for Virginia Tech or Florida State. The BCS is rooting for Miami to win out, beating the Hokies and Seminoles in the ACC Championship Game. Otherwise either ACC unbeaten (FSU/VA Tech) will be this year's Auburn.
  • The before mentioned basketball coach is a Florida State fan. I dont think I will mind too much if Florida State gets jobbed. Serves them right. I can hear the complaining now.
  • Most perplexing score of the weekend: Northwestern 51, Wisconsin 48. Half a hundred by the Badger defense?
  • Vanderbilt is watching this season slip sliding away. LSU pulled away late after putting up with the gamey Commodores. Enjoy it now Vandy fans, Cutler leaves and its back to 2-9's. Bobby Johnson better parlay this year into another job. His character says that he won't, but sometimes you have to get out of character. (LSU 34, Vanderbilt 6)
  • Tennessee and Michigan. Can we please start these teams in the mid-teens or 20s next year? What has either team done since their championship years in 1997 and 1998? Sure, Michigan went to back-to-back Rose Bowls, that is fine, but with their vaunted recruiting classes they are both beginning to join Texas amongst the ranks of coaches who dont develop the supposed amazing talent heading to their campuses year after year.
  • Key difference between SEC ball and Big Ten ball. Minnesota is on their own goal line and they need a big play. The backup quarterback is in, so they run all the time. Thanks be to Michigan for proving that to be genius by thinking the Gophers might pass. In SEC ball, Georgia is backed to their goal line. Tennessee just scored, so its 13-7 and Neyland is electric. The play? Your run-of-the-mill 35-yard hook pattern to your tight end. SEC coaches go for it (minus Fulmer).
  • Tuscaloosa is on simmer for 2 weeks until the NCAA snitch Tennessee arrives. Hoo boy, that place will be wild. Its the game of the week for me on October 22nd.
  • I think we all know what place will be jumping this weekend. Go IRISH! My posse of haters are all decked out in their USC garb this week. Suddenly everyone is a Trojan fan, including Nick Lachey.
  • Lendale White is your Heisman Trophy candidate. Reggie Bush is the Ferrari, sure, but Lendale is the reason why the Trojans are #1. Both will be tough to stop on Saturday. I hope Weis has channeled Bill Belichick's defensive schemes.
  • Pac-10 still equals no defense. Cal and UCLA was exciting with the hometown Bruins pulling it out. Both showed they can score enough to beat USC. But, can they stop USC?
  • How about Guy Morriss and 4-1 Baylor? So glad UK didn't spend the money on a 9-14 career coach. Instead, we got Brooks. I am on anti-depressants.

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