October 03, 2005

My Top 25

Well I can’t vote in the Blog Poll (or at least, I didn't sign up), so here it is peeps. I waited until October to rank and file because I wanted to get rid of the pretenders. The bad part is what do you do with Team A that beat Team B who beat Team C, who lost to Team A. In essence, what do you do with Florida in relation to Tennessee? What about Michigan State in relation to Notre Dame in relation to Michigan? I guess you have to judge off margins and where the game was played. Unfortunately, all the losses were at home, two in overtime, which I don’t punish nearly as bad as a regulation loss. College overtime is stupid, but it’s what we have to use and teams know the rules going in.

1. USC, 4-0
Trojan D gets no love, underrated unit.

2. Texas 4-0
Can the Horns conquer OU? Now or never…

3. Virginia Tech 5-0
Odd man out in 2005?

4. Florida State 4-0
Here’s the first big drop off in the poll.

5. Georgia 4-0
Their first test at Tennessee this weekend.

6. Ohio State 3-1
Killer D will get tested at Penn State. Wow.

7. Miami, FL 3-1
One kick away from being #4 perhaps.

8. Notre Dame 4-1
Biggest surprise of the year, hands down.

9. Alabama 5-0
Tide gazing at Atlanta, gets LSU/UT at home.

10. Tennessee 3-1
UGA game is basically an elimination game.

11. LSU 2-1
Tigers lost one game in 2003…won title.

12. California 5-0
Best defense the Trojans will face all year.

13. Florida 4-1
Team Enigma…Meyer’s offense not SEC-level.

14. Wisconsin 5-0
Manageable schedule to win the Big Ten

15. UCLA 4-0
Beat Cal…could be all-L.A. undefeated on 12/3

16. Michigan State 4-1
Dive alert…UM loss, at Ohio State next on 10/15

17. Texas Tech 4-0
Great offense vs. great defense vs. Nebraska

18. Boston College 4-1
ACC newcomer fitting in just fine

19. Louisville 3-1
UNC no slouch…plenty of time to still get BCS

20. Auburn 4-1
Tigers finally leave home. Lets see how it goes.

21. Penn State 5-0
Parachute pants, pop music…it’s the 80’s kids.

22. Nebraska 4-0
Leaves home for first time on Oct. 15th. Wow.

23. Texas A&M 3-1
Headed to Colorado for eye-opener.

24. Michigan 3-2
Saved season…won’t win Big Ten.

25. Oregon 4-1
USC losses don’t count…elimination gm. @ASU

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