October 03, 2005

What we know after September...

- Brady Quinn is a legitimate Heisman candidate. Compare with Matt Leinart of USC and you’ll see why. Leinart is 82-for-126, 1286 yards, 10 TDs, 2 INTs; Quinn is better: 124-for-190, 1621 yards, 13 touchdowns, 3 interceptions. Should Notre Dame upset USC on the 15th you can book Quinn in New York, ready to receive the trophy.

- I agree with Blue Gray Sky… the Notre Dame – Purdue game showed all the difference a year has made for this brand of Irish. It was great to watch the clowns at Purdue stare agape at their misgivings and sloppy play. Jeff Samardzija IS an All-American.

- College football is in a time warp. Notre Dame is very good, Alabama played like National Champions against Florida. Penn State is suddenly dangerous. Welcome back, College Football circa 1982.

- Speaking of ’82…Vandy couldn’t handle the expectations. Gone now is the bowl season, so the drought since 1982 will continue for the ‘Dores. (Middle Tennessee 17, Vanderbilt 15)

- When you have an opponent off the ropes, DO NOT LET THEM OFF. Arizona State was having their way with USC when they got the ball late, leading 21-3 before half. Big mistake by the ASU staff not staying aggressive. They are USC, you are Arizona State; you are supposed to lose, so keep the pedal to the metal. The team that beats USC this year will have learned a valuable lesson from this week. Never, never, never stop, never quit, never let up. (USC 38, Arizona State 28)

- Oh and some tackling of White or Bush would be recommended, too.

- Tyrone Prothro, University of Alabama wide receiver…God speed, son. Alabama went from “nice year” to “dark horse national champion” to “snake bitten” all in one afternoon. The interesting part is that before this year, Prothro had lost his starting job, so the wide receiving corps should be ready to go. Now they have a rallying cry to win for Tyrone. Look out SEC. The Tide is rolling! (Alabama 31, Florida 3)

- Gosh, I wish the Irish had Urban Meyer…HA! We got Weis. You can have Meyer. Suddenly the Florida camp is pretty silent when it comes to bashing the Irish about having Meyer. We have their offense of the Spurrier days, Florida now is trying to become Utah and it’s not working out with only 19 points against Tennessee and Alabama. Sure, it worked against Kentucky but the Cats are in my backyard, I know them well enough to say that performance was a flash in the pan. (Notre Dame 49…Florida 3)

- Oklahoma looked good from what I saw in between West Lafayette being dismantled. Bomar threw a TD pass so things are now all set for Dallas against the Longhorns. Sorry if I’ve seen this play before…I think OU wins, folks. The mind screw is simply too great on these Texas players to beat the Sooners. (Oklahoma 43, Kansas State 21)

- Ahh, the Michigan State Spartans. At the end of the year, they will be 7-4 and playing somewhere distant against another mediocre team. I would love to think otherwise but when your bounce-back game is going to come in the Horseshoe against the Buckeyes…well, good luck…prove me wrong. (Michigan 34, Michigan State 31)

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