October 17, 2005

The Greatest Weekend in College Football

Its a pretty convincing argument when you think about the Michigan State-Ohio State game ranking about SIXTH as the best game of the weekend. Matter of fact, here is a ranking of the top games.

1. USC 34, Notre Dame 31.
- This game had the most hype and delivered. I wish the game would have ended differently than it did, but it was a slugfest with both teams going toe-to-toe.

2. Michigan 27, Penn State 25
- 10-3 Michigan led into the fourth quarter. This game seemed destined for a yawning finish. However, a 22-17 quarter later, this game became an instant classic sadly overshadowed by the happenings in South Bend. Mario Manningham is now, officially, Michigan's best receiver.

3. Wisconsin 38, Minnesota 34
- As bad as I handled the Notre Dame loss, I would have been mired in depression if I had lost the way that Minnesota lost this game. The punter fumbles the snap then the defense gets the ball with :30 in the end zone for the win? Ouch.

4. (tie) West Virginia 46, Louisville 44 OT; UCLA 44, Washington State 41 OT.
- I didnt see a lick of either game so I can't differentiate between the two other than they were in overtime.

5. Alabama 13, Mississippi 10
- Top team against the ropes gets their best drive of the day when it counted and made the kick. Ole Miss has one heckuva defense, but absolutely NO offense.

Now, what we know.....(trying to be one-liners here)

- Notre Dame is good and will be pre-season Top 10 next year.
- USC's Reggie Bush is the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy.
- Florida fans are already restless with Urban Meyer.
- Texas vs. USC in the Rose Bowl is now set. Get your tickets Trojan and Horns fans.
- LSU would be a dynamite team if they can overcome themselves.
- John L. Smith is a stand up guy. The coaches ruined Michigan State's great game.
- 643 passing yards by Texas Tech's Cody Hodges is insane, and Kansas State isn't bad.
- Good balance by Nebraska leads to decent win. Will need the same against Missouri.
- I guess Virginia will get to plant sod after beating Florida State. From what I read and saw in highlights, Hagan was a magician.

The BCS crystal ball:

Rose - USC vs. Texas
Orange - Virginia Tech vs. LSU
Sugar - Georgia vs. Ohio State
Fiesta - Notre Dame vs. West Virginia

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