October 30, 2005

Knowing a good thing

Notre Dame announced yesterday that they agreed to a 10-year contract extension with current head coach, Charlie Weis. The media will now begin the deconstructions of Weis' progress at Notre Dame. They will now mention the absence of a Top 20 win (at Michigan is the best win to date for Weis and the Irish in 2005). They will now want to bring up Tyrone Willingham and how fast he was fired. Notre Dame will now be labeled a racist institution once again by some person on an edgy sports show (think HBO RealSports...cue up Bryant Gumbel now.)

All of this folks wont matter. Weis has Notre Dame on the fast track back. Everyone outside of the Irish fandom was suddenly bursting with glee once the articles starting surfacing about Weis' buyout clause in his contract with Notre Dame. You could feel the sigh of relief in Ann Arbor, West Lafayette, and all points non-Irish. "Thank God, some NFL team will dupe Weis and the Irish and he will be gone."

You could feel the exasperation as Notre Dame made their announcement yesterday. Weis commented back when he was hired that he views Notre Dame as a special place. Weis strikes me as a different brand of coach. A refreshing person who makes these statements not as coachspeak.

Its his alma mater, folks! No one questions Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech because he is at his alma mater, even though he ransomed a raise out of the Hokie brass with a flirtation with North Carolina a few years ago. (To end debates, I like Beamer, he cares and looks out for his assistants, bar none.)

The move is now a part of a poll on ESPN. (Did the Irish act too fast?) I say no. You always hear how teams and players, and even professionals in the business world need to strike while the iron is hot. This is the case with Weis inking the deal with Notre Dame. The recruiting now has no angles against it. Weis now has put to rest all speculations and Notre Dame will now continue its ascent back to the top of college football.

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