August 08, 2006

Time to take a peek...

My kind of town.

I stated a while back that I am taking this football season to see if I need to pack it all up and move to Vegas and live off college football. I consider myself pretty wise when it comes to the pigskin on campus and this year we'll find out.

Taking a look at some of the opening weekend games has me intrigued. These aren't my final picks for the weekend but they are in the discussion for being on the list.

  • Lets start with the home team, Notre Dame. I love giving the 8 points to Georgia Tech. Fine with me. Everyone seems to be believing in the Jackets because of their opener at Auburn last year, and their game at Miami, both wins. However, there is a fundamental difference of those two games and this one. The Irish are experienced on the line and wont be breaking in a new backfield. The Auburn Tigers were coming with a new QB and RB while Miami was breaking in four out of five on the line. The Irish have neither problem. This game will be a walk for the Irish.
  • California plus 2.5 against Tennessee. Awesome. I'll take it!
  • Oregon -11 against Stanford in Eugene. Ducks will be explosive and Stanford tends to struggle early.
  • Can Alabama even score 17 points, even if it is against Hawaii at home? I might take the Rainbows and the points.
  • Wake Forest is a 16.5-point favorite over Syracuse at home? Robinson was a defensive guru at Texas and I know he'll improve the Orange well enough to beat that line.
  • Marshall, plus 23 against West Virginia. I know the 'Neers are loaded, but in-state rivalries can be a bitch.
  • Baylor giving 8.5 to TCU in Waco? Am I reading this right?
  • Northwestern is getting 3 points at Miami, Ohio. That game is tough to feel with NU's developments over the summer. I am thinking Northwestern will pour everything into this game and win outright.
  • Ohio State will cover by 19 against Northern Illinois. Lock it.
Then we come to a bunch of games that I wouldn't mess with at all:

  • USC giving 8.5 to Arkansas in Fayetteville. I would not touch this one with a 10-foot pole. I personally think the Trojans are going to regret 70-17 for about three quarters, but they will pull away and get the win.
  • Louisville is giving 22 points to Kentucky. The game being at Louisville explains the spread and the Cards have dominated the series of late. However last year's game showed UK fans that things are slowly getting better. Louisville does have questions at offensive line so it could be a repeat of 2002 when UK entered in under similar circumstances and pulled off the 22-17 upset.
  • Pittsburgh is a four-point favorite against Virginia. This could be dubbed the Underachievement Bowl. Both NFL retreads are supposedly expected to raise their alma maters, but have stumbled in their efforts to this point.
  • Florida is giving 20.5 to Southern Mississippi in the swamp. For one reason alone I won't approach this game: If Urban Meyer expects to make it through the year, he will have to sit on some leads in the early going. I can see a good 27-10 Gator win which would be a cruise job for UF but would stink for gambling the line.
Well there it is, there are the thoughts as I embark on setting my sights for Vegas. Enjoy. Rip me.

"Vegas baby, Vegas."

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ET said...

Basically the jist of the story is this. Harris has been a lesbian since the 8th grade, she had relations with two players on her HS basketball team, one was another OK player that started. Issues developed between the coach and Harris and her relationship, basically Jen refused to pass the ball to any other player and she would only associate off the floor with that girl as well.

The coach told her to knock the shit off and start acting as a team player and Jen cried discrimination. So rather than drag it out, the coach resigned and moved out of state.

Under a new coach the same things kept happening, and the new coach tried the same thing, the "act as a team member" thing and Jen and her obnoxious mother cried discrimination again but this time the coach, instead of resigning or fighting it let her do whatever she wanted.

Jen was dating a girl that went to PSU as well and the same problems started popping up with her relationship interferring with the play on the court, so Rene said look, you're fucking up my universe, either dump the girl or quit because I can't have this on my team anymore. Jen, who is afro-american, immediately played the race card and the discrimination card but she went barking up the wrong tree because Rene is a no bullshit kind of woman.

In the past, players under Portland have been homosexual but they handled their relationships in a tolerable manner in which they did not interfere with the team itself. A notable star player "played for both teams" if you know what I mean and that never put a burden on Rene. Basically Rene's philosophy is this. Do what you want on your own time, but when it starts getting in the way of what I am trying to do here, then it is a problem. Jen never did it on her own time.

The problem I have is that this girl was a cancer when she went to my HS, she swore at coaches, refs and opposing players, her mother the same thing. She demanded the ball, she demanded the pub and the press, she demanded everything and if she didn't get it, she stomped her feet.

Our local paper here has a girls bball writer who is good, but he never wants to take the chance to write objectionally. He will never write that Jen had issues here.

Hell that paper didn't even report her theft when it happened (and I know they get police reports out the ying yang because I used to work there) and when the story did come out the only reason they did anything is because they were horribly scooped by the State College paper which is located 90 miles away.

That should have been front page news, but because they all used to suck her ass when she played around here they don't do that. The Patriot-News news department has a way of mangling stories when they are written and not reporting objectionally.

Dana Fishlock wrote a column about how "Far we've come in the discrimination battle" meaning Rene should have been fired immediately once the University fined her. But that's not even the juicy half of the story. And Dana, being the totally clueless writer she is, totally left out the fact that Harris has had rocky relationships since day one.

AAU teammates told me off record they wanted to quit, teammates told me off record they wanted to quit, coaches from colleges told me off record that they wouldn't touch her with a ten foot poll once they sat down with other coaches to get a feel for if they should recruit her or not.

It's not Rene's politics at the center here, it's Harris' malcontent attitude and no one is reporting that.

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