August 18, 2006

Phoning it in...

Ahh the symmetry, mezmorizing really.

So the AP released their preseason poll and I didn't have it in the Composite Poll. After a quick addition to the Excel sheet I couldn't help but laugh. Here is the Composite side-by-side with the AP in parenthesees.

1. Ohio State (Ohio State)
2. Notre Dame (Notre Dame)
3. Texas (Texas)
4. Auburn (Auburn)
5. USC (West Virginia)
6. West Virginia (USC)
7. Florida (Florida)
7. LSU (LSU)
9. Oklahoma (California)
10. California (Oklahoma)
11. Florida State (Florida State)
12. Louisville (Miami, FL)
13. Miami, FL (Louisville)
14. Michigan (Michigan)
15. Georgia (Georgia)
16. Iowa (Iowa)
17. Virginia Tech (Virginia Tech)
18. Clemson (Clemson)
19. Penn State (Penn State)
20. Oregon (Nebraska)
21. Nebraska (Oregon)
22. TCU (TCU)
23. Tennessee (Tennessee)
24. Arizona State (Arizona State)
25. Texas Tech (Texas Tech)

Mind you the poll was released today on a Friday. Were the votes sent in from the golf courses? For what is supposed to be a wild and wacky year, its amazing the similarity of the two polls.

Very interesting.

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