August 02, 2006

Rhett Bomar gone from OU

Say my name!

Adjust your Top 25's accordingly. Oklahoma's biggest game now is Oregon because of it being the earliest test for young Joey Halzle (pic'd above). Apparently Mr. Bomar was getting some payola for work not done and he is henceforth gone from OU permanently.

Damn, I look like a gosh dang genius!

The interesting point to ponder is this: Can Adrian Peterson kiss his Heisman goodbye? Peterson rushed for 1,104 yards last year with the inexperienced Bomar cutting his teeth at QB. Now having to break someone in beginning with fall practice, is it safe to say that Peterson will have the same eight or nine man fronts staring him in the face? Suddenly the UAB game might be dang important for Sooner fans.

Texas fans are a dang happy bunch right now. With the loss of Bomar and should Oklahoma struggle, the Horns might be down to just needing to beat Ohio State to position themselves well for another national title.

Interesting for sure.

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