August 07, 2006

...and then God answered.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

I watch a ton of football like most in the blogosphere. I am rarely surprised during the course of the season except maybe for a few instances, however, Texas winning the national championship did surprise me.

Vince Young was going to have to throw. Surely the Greatest Team Ever (GTE) was going to put eight in the box and force Young to win with his arm. Surely Texas had not seen an offense that SC was going to put on display and certainly Mack Brown was no contest for Pete Carroll.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

God answered even when I was shaking my head and cursing myself for not being surprised that USC was cruising at 38-26. Another off-season of Trojan hype was upon us, surely to be filled with SC off-field events that would be brushed away by the investigative L.A. media.

God showed up in the form of Vince Young. Texas (not a beloved team of mine by any stretch) did surprise me, showing moxie to score the next 15 points and take home their first national championship since Darrell Royal (1969).

It was stunning. It was unexpected. I was filled with joy.

God is good.

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ET said...

ND is clearly in better hands with Charlie than they were the "other" guy, but in the circles I talk to, people are already questioning his loyalty to the school and if he will stay win or lose this year.

I just can't see ND going through their sked unblemished and I see a collapse of epic proportions coming in the USC game. Like I said, being around the PSU team, I am not even sure they get past September 9 without a loss and thats not my diploma or blue and white talking either.

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