August 13, 2006

Excuse me?

Yeah, my thought too...

Bo (Schembechler) is at it again. At a recent function (drink fest) he stated that Michigan should drop the Notre Dame series. His words were something to the effect that basically it should be filled with anyone except Notre Dame.

Tired of losing, Bo? Tired of watching the Wolverines go down in flames? Michigan fans are starting to rally behind Bo because as many have mentioned, the series isn't fun anymore. I guess that 38-0 win wore off quick because now you have to deal with the resurgent Irish.

Here comes the fun part. Now Michigan fans are throwing around ideas that the Michigan brass might go out and sign some huge intersectional team to come and play. In the Blogosphere you would think that a Michigan-Georgia series is imminent.

Puhleeze. Wishful thinking Michigan fans. You would be dropping Notre Dame because Boo, er Bo, is tired of losing. And while visions of Georgia, UCLA or some other locale dance in your heads, let me pull you back into reality - Get ready for more MAC.

Since 2000, Michigan is 8-0 against the MAC. MAC teams are on future schedules until 2011.


Ben said...

First off, I disagree with Bo whole-heartedly. I love the UM/ND matchup for its history and its competitiveness (2003 notwithstanding).

However, don't kid yourself, if Michigan does decide to drop ND and schedule another MAC school, two things will be true (three, if you count me being upset):

1.) Michigan will become just like every other major conference school in its scheduling practices.

2.) Michigan will still have a more difficult schedule than Notre Dame.

The College Game said...


Dont let your fandom get in the way.

Vanderbilt, Central Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Iowa, Northwestern, and Ball State all come to the Big House. If you don't finish 7-0 against that slate, then give it up.

But its the notion that Bo wanted to play other, similar schools and I say no way in hell this will happen. No chance is Michigan going to march to Austin or Gainesville or Knoxville or Norman or wherever. They are going to stay at the Big House and dine on MAC snacks.

Ben said...

If Michigan doesn't go 7-0 against that slate, give it up?

I'll give you that position for CMU, Vandy, Ball St., and maybe Northwestern... but...

Didn't the all-powerful Charlie Weis lose to Michigan State at home last year? Wisconsin is still a top half Big Ten team, and Iowa is just plain good. You'll have a difficult time convincing me (or anyone else) otherwise.

And, Michigan does march to places outside the Big House (see also at Florida State in 1986 and 1991, at Miami (Florida) in 1988, at U.C.L.A. in 1989 and 1990, at Colorado in 1994 and 1997, at Washington in 2002, and at Oregon in 2003... as well as 2007).

Do you honestly believe Michigan won't put one of these on in lieu of the irish for an away game -- let alone a home contest?

I guess there's a possibility for another MAC snack. But given history, I'd put my money on the fact that the administration would.

Ben said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention... my fandom is my fandom. I have no secrets about it. I'm also willing to call a spade, a spade. At least most of the time.

But you ought be careful that your own distaste for things maize and blue doesn't distort your own views.

In other words: pot, meet kettle.

The College Game said...

Your record against Wisconsin is 47-11-1 all-time. 39-10-4 vs. Iowa. 86-21-5 all-time versus both. Both are at home. Wisconsin last won at AA in 1994 and Iowa did the trick in 2002 with arguably their greatest team ever. Otherwise, it was 1990 for the Hawkeyes to win in AA.

And your research is a bit wrong. Your mentioning Michigan going on the road to play Florida State and Miami. You have never played these schools anywhere other than Ann Arbor per You did play FSU in 1986 and 1991 but both were at AA. You played Miami in 1984 and 1988, both in AA.

Colorado you played in 1974, 1994, 1996, and 1997. 3 at home, 1 (1996) in Boulder. How can you say the 1994 game was in Boulder? Hello, Stewart to Westbrook?!?!?!

Washington and Oregon check out - both losses. And the 1990 UCLA game was at home.

Did you mean to say outside of the MAC, not outside of the Big House? Otherwise I am stumped...

My Irish fandom? Yup, its there. I agree with the article that the series has gotten a bit routine, but its the idea that Bo comes out and names all these other teams as being more worthy. Just admit what will happen, there will be one headlining series but mostly, it'll be the MAC Championship for the Wolverines.

Ben said...

Yes, I did mistype... it should've been "outside the MAC." My mistake. I only meant to illustrate the very recent, and very common history of playing two OOC marquee games both at home and on the road.

Second, don't you think it's silly to punish Michigan for dominance over good programs? Iowa has had top ten finishes over the last five years. Doesn't the reality of your argument run counter to your logic? Wisconsin has gone bowling far more often in the last decade than any of nd's "mid-level" opponents (see Syracuse, UNC, Purdue, et. al.).

Third, and supporting the point above, as for one headlining series, check again. Most of the matchups with the marquee programs I listed above occurred while also keeping ND on the schedule. Two OOC headliners is just as much the norm as it is the exception for the Wolverines.

Fourth, I hope you're not attributing Bo's opinion to my own. I tried to make clear from earlier posts that I disgree with him completely.

As a final note: Michigan will enjoy it's MAC championships and nd can savor it's reign over S.A.D., the Service Academy Division. I suppose your only regret is that the Coast Guard doesn't field a team.

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