May 02, 2006

Five Stadiums I want to see...Traditionals.

When Franklin speaks, you've arrived.

Primarily my experience has been with SEC stadiums, although I have a few on the ensuing countdown that I would like to see soon. Part One of this breakdown are the traditional stadiums. The tried and true and known throughout the land. They're the ones that get the Ron Franklin voiceover before a game.

I can try and quantify some more criteria, but really it comes down to a feel that I get through the television. For instance, some people would argue about seeing the Horseshoe (Ohio Stadium). I am not denouncing it outright as I know its big, loud, and Ohio State fans are a bit fanatic (just ask Brian at M-Go Blog). However, I just don't have it on my list of five stadiums to see before I die. Dunno, don't ask.

To this date, I can only eliminate Neyland Stadium (Tennessee) and Sanford Stadium (Georgia) from the list. I have been to both and they both have their charm and reasons for any fan to attend. I would say that Neyland is a bit more reknown for just the stadium, but I found Sanford and the fanfare around it to be a more inclusive package. Simply put, Sanford is nice, but just the stadium by itself would not have made my top five. Top 10? Sure. UGA and the Hedges alone make it that.

Presently I am a 29-year old male who has never been past a menial job, so I don't have the money to go winging all over the country. This list could be a lifetime achievement. Without further adieu:

Notre Dame Stadium (Notre Dame)
- Boy, you just couldn't see this one coming. . . I have been to South Bend before, even stood on the field, but not on gameday. I almost had BYU tickets last year, but it fell through. Essentially the list can be just narrowed to this stadium in places I need to see before I die. No need for the details, as Domer homers and haters alike can recite, chapter and verse, the reason that makes South Bend special. For me? I just want to shake Charlie's hand.

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA)
I attribute the Rose Bowl to the town of Pasadena and not UCLA for one reason. I don't care about seeing a Bruins regular season game. I want to see a Rose Bowl game. Don't care who the teams are, just want to see a real, live Rose Bowl. Personally, I would like to see one extreme or the other - a traditional matchup (Michigan-USC) or a once-in-a-longtime trip for both schools (Oregon State-Illinois).

Tiger Stadium (LSU)
The cool part is that I might have a chance to make this one this year. Kentucky plays at LSU in October and I have a good friend living in New Orleans. We (LSU fan that I went to the Final Four with) would be fools to pass this up, but again, we ain't rich either. That Final Four weekend is still setting us back some. The check got put in the mail today, Brian.

Kyle Field (Texas A&M)
I think I can get tickets, because lately when I watch this team at their place the upper corners always seem available. Now comes financing the drive or flight from central Kentucky to the College Station-Houston area. Yummy. However, anytime you can be privy to a stadium swaying and cadets getting smooched after touchdowns then you have to take the opportunity.

Michigan Stadium (Michigan)
Alright, I want to see the Big House. There, I said it. But I want to see Notre Dame win in the Big House, so I guess I need to hurry up and save the money for the September 2007 meeting. I want to hear 111,000 people all shut up at the same time. Alright, smack talk out of the way, Michigan Stadium is just a spectacle. Again, like Notre Dame Stadium I have seen it - but not on gameday.

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