May 08, 2006

Come on Nebraskans

Anything to win: The Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry

Uncle (Coach) Tom is running for guv'nah in Nebraska. ESPN's Ivan Maisel has an article about how (shocking!) he isn't running away with the race. Maisel makes his plea in ultra "fanboy journalist" fashion by saying how Osborne's football credentials should make this race a walk. Hey, I get Maisel's angle: Uncle Tom is popular and elections are starting to become anything but about the issues.

However, if I were in Dave Heineman's camp (the incumbent Guv) then I would raise some issues. For instance, I would imagine Osborne is pretty soft on crime. Maisel weaves his column talking about the stoic, stodgy, man of no ill-repute Osborne. I simply view Osborne as someone who sold his soul - playing Phillips in a Fiesta Bowl that he could have won without him. His delving into politics back in the mid-to-late 90's only confirmed it for me about his soul-selling.

Currently the entry polls in Nebraska have the race as a dead heat. Nebraskans, you have a chance here to not join Minnesota and California in infamy in electing jock guv'nah's. Show Uncle Tom something doing the right thing and keeping a person with a political career on the job.

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