May 16, 2006

Reggie Dunlop delivers

"Giving the old geezers what they want... a Saturday night game."

Well the good folks at ABC confirmed the rumor that they will broadcast Saturday night football games in lieu of them losing Monday Night Football. I love the idea and it only reinforces the idea that college football has the NFL beat when it comes to showcasing their games on television.

For instance, my Saturday's are an all day affair:

- (10:00 a.m.)College GameDay on ESPN
- (Noon) Big Ten games on ESPN and ESPN 2
- (12:30 p.m.) SEC JV game on JP
- (12:30 p.m.) FSN with some MAC/Big 12/C-USA filler
- The 3:30 wave of SEC on CBS and ABC regional games
- ESPN's comes back with some goodies between 6-7:45 along with TBS and FSN shifting to the left coast.
- And now we get a full, premium, prime-time thriller back on ABC at 8:00
- Then if you haven't had enough you get a nightcap out West in the Pac-10, WAC, or Mountain West beginning at 10:00 or 10:30.


With the NFL I get the Bengals on my NBC affiliate and two other games at precisely 1:00 and 4:15. Throw in the Sunday Night dog and that is your NFL coverage.

No contest.

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ET said...

Ask and ye shall receive. Go here, scroll down a little ways, they are grouped by Network.

The theme is in a zip file so you will need winzip to download it.

Enjoy dude. I feel the same way about the ABC BCS theme music, too bad nonstop recrods it specifically for ABC, so you need to pay to get it.

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