April 18, 2006

Night time is the right time.

"After we're through, they'll wave the white flag."

Apparently the powers that be for television want Notre Dame in primetime. The Irish already open the season on September 2nd at 8:00 p.m. in Atlanta against Georgia Tech. Now, ABC has decided that Michigan State and Notre Dame will clash to the whole country three weeks later on September 23rd after the Irish play Penn State and Michigan in the interim weekends.

Part of me loves this news because it is just the thing to get under all the Domer hater's skin. Seven straight appearances live to the whole country on one network or another. Charlie and The Brady Quinn Heisman Show will get all the publicity. Beautiful.

Another reason is to exact all kinds of revenge for the flag-planting at last year's game on national television. I don't want revenge on some girly regional scale. I want the whole country to hear the story, watch the whipping and then just watch Notre Dame leave the field - no flag needed.

Lastly, the third reason is so I can rid myself of the taste of the last time the Irish hooked up with the Spartans in prime time. 1998. All I remember was Michigan State looked like a national champion that night. It was 42-3 at halftime. No, I didn't bother to commit the details to memory. I just remember one score was a disputed fumble and another was when the Spartan receiver shoved the Irish defender down, caught the ball and walked into the end zone. No flags. That was it for me.

So yeah, put it in primetime. Wipe away a lot of demons in one blow. Now I just need Drew Stanton to remember he isn't that good. And I need the Notre Dame defense to prove it.

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