April 05, 2006

Gator bait

Dominant. Devastating. Vegas?

Florida 73, UCLA 57

The rest of the Final Four field amounted to chum for the Gators. You have to go back to Michigan State's run in 2000 to find the last time a team won both games of their Final Four appearance by double digits.

Florida could be a beast if everyone gets together and decides to make a run at back-to-back titles.

From my seats in Indy, I could sense a Gator championship around the 12 minute mark of the first half. The boys from Gainesville were simply on a mission. After dispatching Cinderella (George Mason) on Saturday, they turned UCLA from juggernaut to also-rans in the span of 48 hours. The Bruins had just destroyed LSU and I was starting to waver on my original prediction. Nevermind said the Gators, running rough shod over the boys from L.A.

I won't take anything from UCLA. They are young and if they keep everyone, they too could end up in Atlanta next year.

However, it still says 2006 on my calendar and I am only left with one question. With Florida now having as many titles in basketball as football, and with two Final Four visits since their last football championship, what kind of school is Florida, football or basketball?

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