April 28, 2006

$54 million buys some time

18 months back rent on a posh house... $54,000

"Walking around money" in southern California (you gotta eat)... $300,000

Lawsuit for shafting a would-be agent and personal ATM... $3.2 million

"Investigated" when the conference feels damn good and ready... Priceless.

Well, it seems I was a bit off on the rent price for the Bush/Griffin family. My MS Excel math put the payments on the house at $3,835. Turns out the "agreement" was for the family to pay $4,500. It seems too, that the parents put their son's playing career up for colateral when those first payments began coming due. (Which I wonder, can I go to Best Buy and mortgage my future, with college degree in May, for that 103" plasma? - I digress.)

Also mentioned was some $300,000 "walking around" money. Damn. I know that southern California isn't cheap, but good lord. What is the family driving these days? Adding the $3.2 million price tag for the lawsuit, sought by Mikey Mikes and Bush is in a bit of a hole. Of course, signing with adidas will end that discussion.

But the best part about today's column?

"Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen said earlier this week that a Pac-10 investigation could start soon, but gave no specific time frame."

$54 million (three straight BCS appearances) sure buys some powerful friends.

And the comment from the NCAA?

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