October 02, 2006

Top 25 - Sept. 30th weekend

1. Ohio State
2. USC
3. Auburn
4. West Virginia
5. Florida
6. Michigan
7. Louisville
8. Oregon
9. LSU
10. Texas
11. Georgia
12. Notre Dame
13. Florida State
14. Oklahoma
15. Clemson
16. Boise State
17. Tennessee
18. California
19. Georgia Tech
20. Virginia Tech
21. Nebraska
22. Rutgers
23. Missouri
24. Wake Forest
25. Washington

Talking Points:

- Really, my #2-8 are interchangable. Ohio State controls its own destiny to Glendale, however, we have a seven-team jump ball in the corner of the end zone for the team that will be their opponent. We have a ton of football left and while the West Virginia-Louisville winner has a great shot at being undefeated, they will get leapfrogged by any of the other teams in that pack if they run their tables.

- I can't put Georgia in the Top 10 with their deteriorating QB situation. The Dawgs will meet reality this weekend against Tennessee. They might win thanks to the home crowd, but no chance they get past Florida later this month.

- I made LSU the best one-loss team on the poll, they have a four-point loss on the road against undefeated Auburn. Texas lost to undefeated Ohio State but by 17 at home. Notre Dame by 26 at home to undefeated Michigan. Oklahoma could vault up to the top of the heap if they derail Texas. Some would say the Sooners haven't lost this year.

- Maybe Notre Dame didn't squeak past Georgia Tech. Maybe the Irish beat a solid, tough Yellow Jacket team in Atlanta. Think Frank Beamer wouldn't like some of those 51 points back from the game last year?

- Boise State will play in the first-run Fiesta Bowl this year. I viewed Utah as a solid choice to win this weekend and the Broncos destroyed them away from the smurf turf. I am sold completely about them now. Fresno State was supposed to provide competition but the Bulldogs have lost 7 of 8 since the 50-42 loss to USC last year.

- The best game of the week is not in Dallas, it may not be in Gainesville, I think its going to be in Berkeley when Oregon travels to California. The Bears look like the preseason hype Bears and the Ducks crushed Arizona State on the road. Both are legit threats to USC.

- Best finish last week was in Lincoln (Nebraska 39, Kansas 32, OT). I think I am a firm believer now that if your the road team and you've come back in the game and stunned the home crowd, you go for two and the win and don't play for OT. Complete opposite belief if your at home.

- Were down to the Dirty Dozen of undefeated teams, which are now all ranked in my polls. Wake Forest, Missouri are going to be underdogs in their quest to stay unbeated with games against Clemson and at Texas Tech respectively.

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