September 07, 2006

What You'll Be Watching This Weekend

You mean there are other games than Ohio State - Texas?

Week Two is upon us as I try to evade the allure of the Boise Blue Turf. (Yes, fools, I have stood on the Blue Turf.) The good part is that my SID job keeps me occupied for the early afternoon and for the second straight week I won't miss a thing. Mississippi-Missouri, Illinois-Rutgers, and Virginia Tech-North Carolina will glide past me while I set up for exciting soccer action at my college. (We put in FIFA box goals, suhweet!)

While the soccer action begins at 2:30 p.m., I will be thinking of some way to get the Irish-Penn State highlights delivered to me at the field. If only it were an indoor event, as we have wireless connection in the gym, dang!

So I'll miss the first half of the game in South Bend along with the Clemson-Boston College game. Its tough doing what you love I tell myself. So I get home, finish the game in South Bend around 7:00. Georgia at South Carolina will entertain me for the 15 minute interim until we're all watching Ohio State - Texas in Austin.

And yeah, that is pretty much it for Week 2... but there is Oregon-Fresno State for the WAC snack.


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