September 10, 2006

The Top 25 - Sept. 9th weekend

1. Ohio State
2. USC
3. Auburn
4. Notre Dame
5. West Virginia
6. LSU
7. Florida
8. Florida State
9. Texas
10. Louisville
11. Oregon
12. Michigan
13. Georgia
14. Oklahoma
15. Miami, FL
16. Virginia Tech
17. Iowa
18. UCLA
19. Tennessee
20. Texas Tech
21. Nebraska
22. TCU
23. Pittsburgh
24. Boise State
25. Boston College

- Ohio State is now the #1 for the year. See you in Glendale.

- Notre Dame makes the move after destroying a Penn State team that now stinks per the pundits.

- Florida State staying ahead of Texas is interesting right now but the Noles did rally to win.

- Iowa and Tennessee had the least impressive wins of the week. Iowa needed overtime to defeat lowly Syracuse. Air Force ran all over Tennessee.

- Boise State is here to stay. They'll make Glendale, but it'll be the true Fiesta Bowl. They are one of two newcomers, joined by Boston College after the Eagles rallied against Clemson to win their second straight overtime win over the Tigers.

- Two weeks into the year and we're already down to 42 unbeaten teams out of 117. Mentioned in the last post we'll dump at least 10 more unbeatens this week as we have 10 games featuring zero loss teams coming up next weekend.

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