March 28, 2006

It's 49-21, sweetheart.

"See that guy over there, he has NO CLUE what he's doing."

I usually buy into anything that puts out there, however, I was mingling through the spring information and speculations and came across a laugher:

You see the site picked apart every conference from a coaching angle, rewarding the best coaches and coordinators while exposing the frauds and overrated field generals.

Their choice for best defensive coordinator in the Big Ten was Brock Spack of Purdue. Same Brock Spack that got his arse handed to him by Charlie Weis and every other offensive guru with a pulse in 2005. Purdue was gawd awful. In one six-game stretch the Boilers surrendered at least 31 points in each game. Mind you, this was with everyone coming back from 2004. The Boilers put their 41-16 win over Notre Dame on their Sun Bowl rings from 2004 and then promptly decided to stay home for the holidays in 2005, thanks to that six game stretch.

CFN makes somewhat of an allowance calling last year a blip on the radar. However, I would understand that if the Purdue defense was depleted last year, however...

...let me repeat: They had everyone back! Every. Single. Player. Back.

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Ben said...

I had no idea about Spack being bestowed that honor.

Almost laughable when you think about it. If he had to make a speech when accepting, what would he say?

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