March 30, 2006

The Final Four...we're goin'

Our view come Saturday night.

Friend of mine is a huge LSU fan in that yes, he even loves the Tiger basketball program, so this Saturday will mean a lot to him. Earlier in the week we began to kick around the idea of going to the Final Four this year in Indianapolis. I live in Lexington, Ky. and he lives up near Cincinnati, so it's just a drive.

Well we looked on EBay and finally found tickets. Oh boy, did we ever find some tickets. We're in the lower bowl of the Dome. The only drawback is that I think we're in the Florida section. The Dome gets quartered amongst the four participants. I only hope I am wrong and we're part of the George Mason or LSU contingent.

Not too bad for the price we paid, considering some people on EBay wanted the same price for this view:

I think I can see Canada.


The Buss said...

Hey that's a great view! (if you have a telescope to watch the game with.) I have always wanted to go to the final four, but have only been to the opening rounds. Even that is ridiculously expensive. We went in Albuquerque a few years back to watch the opening round. Now granted, that's 6 games, 4 first and 2 second. We paid about $200 for a two day pass. I thought that was ridiculous. So I don't even want to know what you paid, but that's awesome. Go George Mason! I'm still not 100% sure who they are or where they come from, but I love the little guy!

shawnbenson52978137 said...
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The College Game said...

We really didn't do that bad on the price. Its the fact that they wanted the same price for the distant view sections that we got for ours. We ended up paying $400 each.

The Buss said...

Yeah, well, $400 actually sounds like a steal for final four tickets.

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