March 28, 2006

I can't do it.

This guy's game? Ancient history - doesn't count.

I know I am flipping between football and basketball like a madman, but I finally found the time to blog again, so I figure I better not waste it.

Here is my view on the Tournament and college basketball: Only the last 20 years count. Period. The game of then is not the game of today. 1987 represents the current format of today. The three-point shot, the shot clock, and six wins gets you the crown. I don’t care about basketball before the three-point shot because there is NO WAY you can tell me the game hasn’t changed. To talk about the 2-point only game is to speak of football during the leather helmet, pre-forward pass days. It’s ancient history.

Got it? Good. Let’s continue.

I am a Kentucky fan and our fan base always seems to worry if we’re amongst the elite. Apparently it’s a tradition to hate UCLA because they have won more titles. For me, UCLA isn’t the big bad beast of the West as some older fans remember. I was born in 1976. The Bruins have won one title since I was born and became a fan, and during my 1987 criteria – 1995. Most of the times, the Bruins have been a middle seed capable of the Final Four but usually ending their run in the second round or Sweet Sixteen.

So there I am, surfing my usual message boards and I utter the words that rained down hellfire on me: “I hope UCLA wins this thing.” I had about 50 posters ready to dim mak my groin for making that statement. Suddenly I was given a history lesson about UCLA especially 1975.

1975. UCLA beats Kentucky, 92-85 to win their 10th and last championship under John Wooden, who announced his retirement before the game. My uncle still hates this game. Wooden is the devil incarnate for announcing the retirement and surely swaying the refs to hand him the ’75 title. (I also love Notre Dame football and I swear my UK basketball people sometimes resemble Michigan fans to a tee – when they lose, blame the refs.)

So I glance at this year’s Final Four with George Mason, UCLA, Florida, and LSU: A Cinderella story, the traditional champion, and two football schools who could screw around and win a basketball title.

Another UK fan peculiarity: Let’s cheer for the SEC schools to make ourselves feel better about this 22-13 season. I have but one thought along this line:

Especially when most SEC fans view their basketball teams like this.


Ben said...

"I also love Notre Dame football and I swear my UK basketball people sometimes resemble Michigan fans to a tee – when they lose, blame the refs."

It's amazing to me how a person's affiliation can distort his/her perception of history, both arcane and recent, to the point of hypocrisy.

"The Bush Push" circa 2005

The College Game said...

Not everyone complained about the Bush Push. I agree with what Weis said - heck yes, I would hope my RB would do that.

What about the fumble in the endzone when Henne supposedly scored? Even though ABC showed the ball coming out early. Oh, and the "mysterious Nebraska player not on the field when the play began".


Ben said...

You missed the point, Heath. The shot was directed at the "fans" of a school blaming the officiating, not the coach.

It happens everywhere, all the time. It knows no favorites. I doubt you'll see this, but it's in essence the hypocrisy of the claim.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a school, a team, a SPORT that doesn't have fans that constantly and consistently blame the officiating.

The College Game said...

My shot is why always the MAC?

Some complaints about the officiating are fine, but I can't remember the last Michigan post I read where someone said, "yeah, we just got beat"...Maybe the USC Rose Bowl game a few years back, but that is about it.

Ben said...

I mean, I guess you're right if you claim that, from your anecdotal experience, that has been the case.

But we can argue anecdotal experiences until we're blue in the face. You've got your viewpoint based on your allegiances, and others have theirs.

That was my original point. The view of history and events can be tainted so wildly based on our teams and what we perceive.

I doubt, objectively, Michigan fans complain about officiating any more than ND's do.

But, again, we can probably agree to disagree.

Why always the MAC? Why always Navy and Air Force? Why always BYU?

A top-tiered MAC school could make BYU its girlfriend in any given year, to say nothing of the service academies. At least neither of our teams plays a DII school (like the rest of the CFB world next year).

You shouldn't throw stones when it goes both ways, ya know.

The College Game said...


Come on, you have to be irrational if your a college football fan. Just go read Brian at MGoBlog about his experiences when he traveled to Ohio State games. Yikes.

Trust me, the Navy thing I get. Without the Naval Academy, Notre Dame might have disappeared during WWII. Fine. Good story. Tugs at the heartstrings or at least makes you puke. (Depends upon your Dome view.)

Army? Air Force? Yes, it sucks having to defend those choices. But like you said, at least we play Division I-A. I love watching these SEC teams in my backyard take on Appy State or Western Kentucky and then puff their chests. I love SEC ball but they schedule the weakest non-conference bar none.

I try damn hard on this blog to not inflame the refs. Its cheap, and a losers mentality. Yeah, the cheapshot was because I love ribbing Michigan fans and Florida State fans too. Sue me.

Thanks for reading, though. Where is your blog?

Ben said...

I actually don't have a blog. At least not one that I contribute to regularly. I'm more of a full-time commentor.

But, yes, I do read Brian's blog religiously. His OSU stories are great (and, yes, anecdotal).

My girlfriend is a damn domer, and me being a Michigan alum, I probably know more about the fighting irish than I should.

You've got a good blog here. A bit more partisan than most... but, hey, it's your blog.

I'll be around periodically to call you out on stuff and we can banter, if you don't mind.

The College Game said...




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