January 14, 2006

When was the last time?

I am wondering aloud, when the last time a college/university won a championship in football and had a Final Four appearance in one year? Has it ever been done?

I know for one thing, 2005-06 will provide an excellent chance as Texas could make the Final Four in many peoples' opinions, mine included. The interesting thing is that for the most part, schools are either great at one or the other. I think there is some weird, universal plane that exists that says you cant have your cake and eat it too. You either have to be great at football or basketball, no "and's".

I love Notre Dame football and Kentucky basketball. Sure, I know enough about the weaker sports for the two institutions to not be a bandwagon fan, and with the suffering ND has gone through during the Davie-Willingham eras, I think all Irish fans deserve Charlie Weis.

However, back to the original question...there have been football championships and basketball Final Fours within close proximity to each other. Ohio State won the 2002 national title, and attended the 1999 Final Four. Texas just won the 2005 title, and was at the 2003 Final Four. Oklahoma - 2000 title, 2002 Final Four. Florida - 1996 title, 2000 Final Four.

But the same year?

Lo and behold I do have an answer, well kinda...Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets won the 1990 title, rather shared it with Colorado, and earlier that April, was at the 1990 Final Four in Denver, losing to eventual champion, UNLV.

Wow. Who woulda thunk it?

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