January 09, 2006

Colin Cowherd is RIGHT

My boy Colin Cowherd (ESPN Radio - "The Herd") is completely right. It took a while at first when he replaced Tony Kornheiser. I had to adjust. I thought to myself, who is this fresh faced loser. But my boy is right. First of all, he calls it like he sees it. He bashes Notre Dame then turns around and praises Notre Dame after the USC game. Forget the losses he said, that game showed him the Irish are back and under Charlie the future is bright. He is about the ONLY media figure that doesn't make their living off bashing the dome. Its so chic nowadays, but kids, you only attack those who you fear.

But, lets stick to today's show. For me, it was highlighted by his brief, yet to-the-point analysis of next year's college football season. With Vince Young having declared for the NFL (no going back now, unlike college basketball), the race for the champion next year is WIDE OPEN and I love it!

Who's your favorite? Who's gonna win the Heisman? Over the last two years these questions took about 2 minutes or less to answer. Not for 2006. Every team does have flaws and there are about 15 legitimate candidates now that USC will move on from Bush and Leinart and VY is done. Some have great schedules for a run. Others have talent but killer skeds. Some teams will live off last year and thank their lucky stars they schedule cream puffs in September.

Hell, even my Irish have a shot now, provided Charlie can take our defense and improve it like he did the offense in Year One.

I cannot wait.

Oh sure, we have Signing Day (February 1st) and then Spring Drills, and then summer aka. Police Blotter Season...then glorious college football will return in a parade of cheers with Colin Cowherd being the Grand Marshal of the whole event.

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