January 06, 2006

Let's hold the applause for VA Tech...

Okay, so the school today announced that QB Marcus Vick is permanently off the team due to his actions in the Gator Bowl, namely spiking Louisville DE Elvis Dumervil in the back of the leg.

OH, by the way, just to show the world we aren't being too rash on this subject , we would like to point out that Vick also was stopped in December and cited for a driving on a suspended license. We gave him so many chances and finally this act is the last straw.

So lets read between the lines, kids. It WASNT the suspended license that gets him done. Its the spike of his shoe into the hammy of Dumervil that is inexcusable. It isn't the "totalty of his actions against the university" but rather this last incident that gets him gone.

Folks, Virginia Tech could and would have looked better if they had dumped Vick on the suspended license. He just helped them along when he spiked Dumervil. The Hokie administration is not doing anything great here. Finally, after four marks against the university and including a full, one-year suspension after a drug arrest, Marcus Vick was finally let go by Virginia Tech.

Well kudos to the Hokies for taking such a strong stand against this guy. It only took him FOUR strikes to get gone. I guess that supended license thing wasn't good enough for him to miss the all-important Gator Bowl however.

Give it a rest people, Virginia Tech only did what they should have done long ago.

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