December 30, 2005

Maybe we knew better?

Oklahoma 17, The Highest Ranked Team Not in the BCS 14

Ahh, begin the hype for Miami or Auburn now, ESPiN now that your beloved Ducks lost in the Holiday Bowl to a 7-4 Oklahoma. In a just world ESPiN should have to issue a 30-second apology to all Irish fans who had to sit through the Alamo Bowl hearing about how the Ducks got screwed by being ranked so high and yet not getting to the BCS. I had never heard so much pooh-poohing and whining in my life (well, okay, the Michigan fans after the game were pretty bad).

So now, Auburn or Miami will get the hype from ESPiN. "Why didn't we get in?" "We're just as good." "Some consider us the best team in the SEC."

Ultimately, Notre Dame can only win over skeptics with a win over Ohio State, but get ready now folks to hear about the plight of Bobby Carpenter being out for Ohio State. It's ESPiN's "built in excuse" for Notre Dame winning.

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