December 08, 2005

Been a while...

Lets put a bow on this thing, or at least the regular season. However, when your last post was November 21st it’s going to have to be bullet points...

- For all the hullabaloo about the BCS, it was good to see Ohio State and Notre Dame end the Fiesta debate by being automatic qualifiers.

- EDSBS' list of the 52 reasons to hate ESPN/Disney is forever saved on my computer. Classic.

- The polls (coaches and Harris Poll) are out with the voters being held accountable. Oregon was 15th in one poll, Notre Dame was anywhere from 4th to 14th. Auburn got some votes as high as 4th. The more I think about it, while I might be the only fan in America not clamoring for a playoff, I might be open to a selection committee ala the NCAA Tournament. (For the record, I have the Ducks 5th, Auburn 6th, and Notre Dame 7th)

- Polls are perception. Had Notre Dame played USC then Michigan State then Oregon would be your team in the Fiesta or Auburn would be happy. Then again, if Georgia holds the Tigers on 4th and 10 we’re not worried about the Plainsmen either. It’s funny how Florida enjoyed a bump from beating a Shockley-less Georgia and struggling Florida State, but when those two rallied to win their championships we suddenly think a lot more of the Gators.

- USC will kill Texas. Mark it down right here. Look for the Longhorns to be rusty whereas the Trojans will pounce early and often. 44-21 USC. I wish for a classic, but color me skeptical.

- If you’re the Peach Bowl, you’re happy (LSU vs. Miami, FL). Alamo Bowl, too (Nebraska vs. Michigan). Oh, and the Capital One (Wisconsin vs. Auburn).

- Somebody somewhere talked about the Fraudulent Five, here’s mine:

1) The 2005 Cotton Bowl – Tennessee vs. Texas A&M. Both thought they were setting the stage for the future, instead both home this holiday.

2) Purdue – “We get the entire defense back.”

3) Fresno State – Backed up that USC game with losses to Nevada and Louisiana Tech. Maybe USC was just sleeping walking against the Bulldogs?

4) The Big 12 minus Texas. This year was bad minus the Longhorns, but look to next year. The North will be absolutely f-bomb horrible. Colorado is firing Gary Barnett, Kansas State just hired Ron Prince to succeed Bill Snyder, and Missouri just lost their all-everything quarterback, Brad Smith to graduation. On top of all that, Iowa State will have to get over choking the division, again. Kansas? Please. Nebraska is the only hope. The South? Texas will rule, Oklahoma will return to form, and Texas Tech will pile up the yardage, but Baylor will return to earth, Texas A&M wont have Reggie McNeal, and Oklahoma State is god awful. Three, maybe four teams to worry about at all from the Big 12 for 2006.

5) The officiating at the Texas Tech – Oklahoma game. I rarely pin any result directly on the refs. Notre Dame could have stopped USC on the 4th and 9 play and put it out of their hands. Penn State could have not allowed Breaston to get a good return. However, the Sooners were flat out robbed. One play before Taurean Henderson supposedly got into the endzone; the Red Raiders were credited for a touchdown pass when the wide receiver NEVER CAUGHT THE BALL. Horrible. Something tells me OU will be ready for payback next year in Norman.

- My Bowl Schedule before New Years Day After (these are planned events)
12/28 Alamo Bowl: Nebraska vs. Michigan
12/29 Holiday Bowl: Oregon vs. Oklahoma
12/30 Sun Bowl: UCLA vs. Northwestern
12/30 Peach Bowl: LSU vs. Miami, FL

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