November 07, 2005

Top 25 - Nov. 7th

1. USC (9-0)
- Only Cal, Fresno State, and UCLA stand in their way.

2. Texas (9-0)
- DNP vs. Baylor. Kansas and A&M will offer little resistance to the Big 12 title game.

3. Alabama (9-0)
- Will have a chance to make a statement against LSU, then at Auburn, then the SEC title game.

4. Miami, FL (7-1)
- Vintage 80's Canes against Va. Tech on Saturday. Would have jumped Texas if they had scored on the last possession against FSU.

5. Penn State (9-1)
- Only the Spartans stand between the Lions and the Big Ten title. Michigan drops a pass and PSU would be banging on the door.

6. Georgia (8-1)
- If only D.J. Shockley plays against Florida...can wrap up the SEC East against Auburn this weekend. (Yes, they have to still beat Kentucky, but c'mon.)

7. LSU (7-1)
- Two straight weeks of cupcakes against Appy State and North Texas. LSU now can control their own destiny with a win in Tuscaloosa.

8. Virginia Tech (8-1)
- Letdown alert coming up for the Hokies against Virginia. Could still regroup and secure a BCS bid.

9. Oregon (8-1)
- Can't ignore that their only loss was to USC. Can't ignore their best win is against Fresno State.

10. Notre Dame (6-2)
- The loss to Michigan State keeps the Irish out of the top 5. Showed poise against Tennessee, securing the win in a big fourth quarter. Smooth sailing to BCS now.

11. Ohio State (7-2)
- Mirror image of Notre Dame. They are another team that could win out to an at-large BCS bid. Illinois provided a glorified practice.

12. Florida (7-2)
- All of Gainesville will become Auburn fans this weekend. Trap game against ol' ballcoach this weekend.

13. Texas Tech (8-1)
- Win out and the Red Raiders will play in the New Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. Made mincemeat of A&M, will dominate Oklahoma State and then welcome the Sooners.

14. Florida State (7-2)
- Suddenly a very shaky looking team. Travels to Clemson then Florida then the ACC Championship game rematch against a surging Miami team. 7-5 finish?

15. Colorado (7-2)
- Team is just lying in wait for Texas at the Big 12 Championship. Big game this weekend at a hot Iowa State club. Win there and you'll show me something. Should walk over Nebraska at home.

16. Auburn (7-2)
- The team in the SEC that could ruin everything for Georgia and Alabama in the next two weeks...or they could end up 7-4.

17. West Virginia (8-1)
- Just dont screw the pooch the last two weeks. Big East will get a 10-1 BCS participant. Then they will get clobbered in the bowl that has to take them by force.

18. Wisconsin (8-2)
- Goes home to face Iowa after getting whipped by the Nittany Lions. Will finish with 10 wins (also plays Hawaii after Iowa) and get a New Year's invite.

19. UCLA (8-1)
- Might seem harsh, but no way do you get clobbered by 38 points by a 2-6 team and salvage any respect.

20. Michigan (6-3)
- Off week saw Michigan not lose. Would have moved ahead of the Bruins but 3 losses are still 3 losses. Wolverines still have an outside shot at the Big Ten title.

21. Texas Christian (9-1)
- Took out perennial MWC big boy Colorado State with ease, 33-6. Newcomers will head to Las Vegas Bowl or perhaps the Houston Bowl to fill an SEC open slot.

22. Georgia Tech (6-2)
- We'll know a lot more about the Jackets after they close at Virginia, home against Georgia, and at Miami.

23. Oklahoma (5-3)
- Could still land in the Cotton Bowl if they finish out with wins, including a "not all was lost from 2005" win at Texas Tech if they should seal the deal.

24. Fresno State (7-1)
- Wont overlook Boise State for USC next weekend. Boise has won the last four meetings since they joined the WAC.

25. Louisville (6-2)
- Welcome back. Trust me, its not really what you did to get here...

The Heisman Race...

1. Vince Young, Texas
2. Reggie Bush, USC
3. Matt Leinart, USC
4. Brady Quinn, Notre Dame

big drop off after those four...

Big games for November 12th? Practically all in the SEC.

Auburn at Georgia, 7:45 pm, ESPN
- The Dawgs can seal the SEC East or the Tigers can play spoiler. Is Shockley truly 100%?

LSU at Alabama, 3:30 pm, CBS
- LSU win would mean smooth sailing to the West title. Alabama win coupled with Auburn win sets up the Iron Bowl as the SEC West Championship Game.

Florida at South Carolina, 12:30, JP
- Hoo boy Columbia will be jumping. Expect an inspired effort from the Gamecocks. I personally think Chris Leak is too fragile to win this mental meatgrinder.

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