November 15, 2005

My Top 25

1. USC (10-0)
Trojans haven’t been challenged since the Irish.

2. Texas (10-0)
Longhorns registered their 9th game scoring 40+ points. Third scoring 60+.

3. Miami, FL (8-1)
Canes hoping for a stumble by top two. Nothing learned against Wake last week.

4. Penn State (9-1)
Don’t screw the pooch against a faded Michigan State team.

5. LSU (8-1)
Just felt 10 points wasn’t enough to hold them down.

6. Virginia Tech (8-1)
Hokies rise to #6 based on their season and others losing around them.

7. Alabama (9-1)
Sure they can’t score but lets not bury the Tide, the LSU game was in OT.

8. Oregon (9-1)
Win over Washington State didn’t make a compelling argument for the BCS.

9. Ohio State (8-2)
Can seal a BCS bid if they win in the Big House. Hammered Northwestern.

10. Notre Dame (7-2)
Just like Penn State, needing not to screw the pooch.

11. Auburn (8-2)
Perception changing about the Tigers, like the UGA game changed on 4th down.

12. West Virginia (8-1)
Big East really hopes the Mountaineers win out.

13. Georgia (7-2)
Take Three to win the SEC East comes this weekend against Kentucky.

14. UCLA (9-1)
Gutsy win over ASU. Did they notice that U-Dub spanked Arizona by 24?

15. Michigan (7-3)
Could spoil Buckeyes hopes for BCS and put themselves into a January bowl.

16. Texas Christian (10-1)
Season done.

17. Fresno State (8-1)
Go with this: Bulldogs do the impossible and beat the Trojans. BCS?

18. Louisville (7-2)
Yawn. Prepping for the Gator Bowl.

19. South Carolina (7-3)
Gamecocks could play in January should they beat Clemson. No fighting.

20. Florida (7-3)
Urban Meyer is riding the genius-goofball roller coaster. Schooled by Spurrier.

21. Texas Tech (8-2)
Well, the BCS is over. Still could screw the Cotton Bowl invite with loss to OU.

22. Iowa State (7-3)
Change 2 OT losses and Cyclones would be prepping for Texas for Big XII title.

23. Colorado (7-3)
They were driving to tie the score before the pick six against Iowa State.

24. Oklahoma (6-3)
No real big win, but that could change with a win in Lubbock this weekend.

25. UTEP (8-1)Mike Price is a magician and some team needs to be #25.

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