November 14, 2005

BCS bowls after Nov. 12th

Shake up the BCS somewhat.

Texas Tech effectively took themselves out of the running for a BCS bowl with their loss at Oklahoma State. That is good news for Ohio State, Oregon, and Virginia Tech fans. However, Alabama's loss at home is bad news for those above-mentioned teams because now the Tide is in the mix for the final at-large slot. If they beat Auburn, the Tide would be impossible to ignore at 10-1 with the loss coming in OT.

Here is the prediction for now...

Rose - USC vs. Texas
Fiesta - Notre Dame vs. Alabama
Orange - Miami, FL vs. Penn State
Sugar - LSU vs. West Virginia

Alabama goes if they beat Auburn.
Ohio State goes if Alabama loses and OSU beats Michigan.

Should both Alabama and Ohio State both lose this weekend then I see the Fiesta Bowl deciding between west coast Oregon or better Virginia Tech.

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