September 25, 2005

What we NOW know ... Week 4

  • I know that Michigan State will be a decent favorite at home against Michigan next week. Surely the Spartans will use last year's collapse at Ann Arbor for motivation. Gang green lost 45-37 in overtime after leading 27-10 with 8:43 left in the fourth quarter. However, I am tempted to look to October 15th should the Spartans and Buckeyes win their next challenges against fierce rivals. Michigan State at Ohio State on that day would feature a delicious contrast of high-octane offense and brute force defense. Get it done boys, this game would be the marquee of the day on ides of October. (Somehow this is about Michigan State's 61-14 win over Illinois and Ohio State's 31-6 win over suddenly punchless Iowa.)
  • We know what we knew all along that USC will only beat themselves. Last night's game against Oregon might have been an upset if Leinart were holding a clipboard in the NFL, but he's too calm and collected to wilt under only a 13-0 hole. It will take a team that simply exploits their defense while taking hits from USC's offense in stride. (USC 45, Oregon 13)
  • Michigan and Tennessee are watching their seasons fall apart. Granted, the Vols got a reprieve and will try and upset the Bayou Bengals of LSU on Monday, however, if not, both teams will have two early losses with huge games left to come. (Wisconsin 23, Michigan 20)
  • I watched Purdue bumble their way to a loss yesterday in the Metrodome, featuring dropped passes, fumbles, and horrible throws. What stinks is that we'll see NONE of this when the Irish come to town next weekend. However, with the Boilermakers giving up 216 yards rushing to Laurence Maroney, Darius Walker features to see his share of carries. (Minnesota 42, Purdue 35)
  • From earlier in the week...why in the hell did CBS pick up Florida-Kentucky? CBS play-by-play announcer Verne Lundquist sounded as if he was there by force of a gun or weapon. This game was 49-7 at half. Thank God Urban Meyer is not Steve Spurrier. Florida could have hit 100 if they so desired.
  • Notre Dame won, and it was ugly until the fourth quarter. Both coaches looked relieved to have this media-hyped game over. Jeff Samardzjia shined with 164 yards on 8 receptions for the Irish. To me, he looks like Cris Collinsworth or Chris Doering of Florida fame, a tall lanky receiver who can make the impossible catch.
  • Virginia Tech is scary good on special teams. That we knew. What we now know is that Marcus Vick has complete control of this team, going 13-for-18, 223 yards passing and a touchdown. Vick spread the ball around, completing passes to six different receivers. Georgia Tech started Reggie Ball, who earlier in the week was in the hospital for meinigitis. He never looked comfortable, throwing two interceptions returned for touchdowns late in the game. (Virginia Tech 51, Georgia Tech 7)
  • Clemson fans should get free blood pressure readings after the second straight overtime loss. So far every one of the four Tiger games has come down to the final possession. Boston College is making their way towards a nice bowl, perhaps on January 1. (Boston College 16, Clemson 13)
  • Vanderbilt is 4-0. Wow. (Vandy 37, Richmond 13)
  • Is anybody out there ready for South Florida to play in the Orange Bowl perhaps? The Bulls demolished Louisville, 45-14. With the loss, Louisville, now is essentially two games behind the Bulls who get West Virginia at home in Tampa. Granted, they need to capitalize on the road by remembering this performance, but its the biggest win in the program's storied history for coach Jim Leavitt. South Florida started playing football in 1997. (South Florida 45, Louisville 14)
  • A final parting shot. Should Virginia Tech and Texas win out, along with USC then I think we will have trouble beyond the natural "three teams in a two-team matchup" in Pasadena. The interesting thing is to think about if the Hokies beat West Virginia, Miami, and Florida State in the ACC Championship along the way. All possiblities boiled down to mush, that would be a 3-0 record against BCS-qualified teams. Texas is playing in a down Big 12. Oklahoma is 1-2 after September, with more losses on the way from folks who the Sooners romped over in previous years. Folks in Austin better hope that Ohio State wins out and heads to the BCS mix as the Big Ten champions. Without that quality win, I would not be able to keep the Hokies out of the title game.

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