September 14, 2005

This ain't happenin'...

In a recent ESPN article, it mentions that Oklahoma tailback, Adrian Peterson, could miss the start of the UCLA game to be played on the road in Pasadena, site of the 2006 National Championship Game. Coach Bob Stoops is quoted that Peterson has violated a team rule about missing too much class. Even the AD, Joe Castiglione chimes in about OU raising the standard in order to elevate the awareness about the NCAA cracking down on programs that just keep kids eligible.

All this is window dressing and you're a fool if you believe anything substantial will come of the penalty. The "guideline" as the school refers to it, mentions that gametime is missed in the form of a suspension after four missed classes. The players miss two days of practice for that transgression. Any absence after that is a suspension from the next competition.

OU is already violating their policy, are they not? This story is being released in order to quell rumors about the situation. One can presume that Peterson has missed his four classes having now missed two days of practice. However, do you really think that Peterson will miss that weekend's game the next time his alarm clock doesn't go off? Puh-leeze. The Sooners have already shown favortism to more talented players. Freshman quarterback Rhett Bomar was named the starter for this week's game at UCLA. Its the same Rhett Bomar who was cited for possession of alcohol by a minor (What a shock on a college campus, right?) who has received no visible suspension.

In the end, Bob Stoops is not a dense fellow. Adrian Peterson will play. He will sit the first ten or so plays which will amount to the Sooners first quarter. Oklahoma's offense is pathetic without Peterson and while not saying Stoops is on any kind of hot seat, coaches don't ultimately save their jobs with their outstanding class attendance rates by players. Bomar will struggle in there alone, throwing at least one interception in those first 15 minutes. But by the second quarter (or earlier if UCLA scores), Peterson will tote the rock.

In the end, it won't matter. OU is terrible this year. Oh and remember the 2003 game won by Oklahoma, 59-24 with Antonio Perkins running back three kicks? The Bruins do...

UCLA 28, Oklahoma 3


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