January 01, 2007

Glendale's Dress Rehearsal

The nightcap. David vs. Goliath-esque.

Boise State, the men of the Smurf Turf, take on the Oklahoma Sooners in the nightcap. The Broncos search for respectability while OU running back Adrian Peterson returns to the field in hopes to impress the scouts. Here. We. Go.

8:53 PM - Kickoff. Boise State wins the toss and defers until the second half.

8:57 PM - Boise makes the stop, holding OU and getting the ball. The Broncos then promptly get a first down.

9:06 PM - Boise strikes first! Zabransky deep to Drisan James for a 49-yard strike. Boise State 7, Oklahoma 0. The defense for Boise needs to keep it up.

9:12 PM - Boise responds with the fumble recovery and two plays later Ian Johnson walks into the endzone for the Broncos. I remember watching the Pitt-Utah game a few years back, this looks eerily similar. Boise wants it, Oklahoma is satisfied with their Big XII title. Adrian Peterson is just a man. His team needs to take the S off his chest and play along with him. Boise State 14, Oklahoma 0.

9:28 PM - Oklahoma drives the field, staying the course with running and throwing the ball. The good news for Boise is that they didn't give up a lot of big plays, OU had to execute down the field. The bad news is that the FOX guys are right, the secondary is making a lot of the tackles. Boise State 14, Oklahoma 7.

9:42 PM - Oklahoma gets the ball back with a chance to tie. Their last drive was 81 yards, 14 plays. The onus is back on the defense for Boise.

10:01 PM - Oklahoma gets a field goal, but we're in for the long haul. Oklahoma is absolutely cutting a path through the Boise defense. Boise is still making plays, but the juice is out of the building. Oklahoma has the momentum, knowing their wearing the Broncos down. Boise State 14, Oklahoma 10.

11:01 PM - Well the computer got held hostage for a bit and we've made it back home from the sister's house. I saw Boise go up 21-10 into halftime and I walk in the door, just in time to see Paul Thompson throw an ill-advised interception to the Broncos. Boise State with momentum and a real chance to force OU out of their gameplan with a score here. Boise State 21, Oklahoma 10.

11:07 PM - Interception return for touchdown by Boise State's Marty Tadman. The ball was tipped at the line, otherwise Tadman looked like an OU receiver who was floated the ball out into the flat. Who is the underdog in this game? Boise State 28, Oklahoma 10.

11:20 PM - Never use the bathroom during football. I made a rookie mistake and it cost me as I missed the muffed punt that gave Oklahoma prime real estate and a touchdown that has cut the lead. Boise State 28, Oklahoma 17. The Broncos defense is for real, but not even the best of squads can turn back an eight-yard drive.

11:24 PM - I think we just saw the dreaded play by the underdog whose beginning to wilt under the pressure. Zabransky can throw the ball away and incur nothing, but he retreats 20 yards and throws the ball back to an offensive guard. Third-and-seven is the result. The subsequent play sees a dropped pass by Jerard Rabb. The Boise State defense is put back on the field after a short stint by the offense. Yikes.

11:30 PM - Yup. Oklahoma has done nothing but move right down the field. First and goal after an Allen Patrick run to the seven. This is a gut check for Boise State.

11:32 PM - The fourth quarter will begin after Boise State holds Oklahoma to a field goal attempt. After a gashing series of rushing the ball, the Sooners suddenly go West Coast and try to throw it in. Boise State gets a stop, but the dam is still leaking water, badly. Oklahoma makes the kick, Boise State 28, Oklahoma 20.

11:45 PM - Boise State punts, but eats some time off the clock. The Sooners will begin inside their five yard line, but the Sooners have put 10 straight on the board. However, seven came via a fumble and 9-yard drive. We'll see...

11:51 PM - Boise holds and will get the ball back in decent field position. Good chance here to add points, making it a two-score game.

11:56 PM - Boise State was looking good - running the ball well in Sooner territory, then a fumble. The defense is simply going to have to win this game.

12:01 AM - Stoops really trusts Paul Thompson's throwing abilities as he goes to him quite often in key situations. If I am Adrian Peterson I might turn pro right after this game. AP is a stud and should be the guy to win or lose the game for you. Just me, I guess.

12:10 AM - The phantom final timeout by OU? FOX is going to have to explain this one coming back from commercial.

12:16 AM - Time out explained, Oklahoma is going right down the field on their last gasp. Boise is playing prevent the win defense. Apparently the Broncos are already playing to stop the two-point conversion attempt.

12:19 AM - Touchdown OU. Boise State 28, Oklahoma 26. 2-point pending.

12:21 AM - Third attempt on the two-pointer and the Sooners convert. 28-28, Boise now has the last shot in regulation. They will start from their 25. If I am Oklahoma I don't play "prevent the win" defense.

12:25 AM - A righthouse to the groin. Oklahoma stays in their stock defense and gets an INT return for touchdown. Oklahoma 35, Boise State 28. The play is upheld as expected and now the teams will return to the same position with the Broncos needing a touchdown to get to overtime. I would have been aggressive, so don't hang your head Boise. You still have time to get something done here.

12:29 AM - It may not come to pass, but I am saying this right now. If Boise State scores, I would go for two for the win. Skip overtime. Take the momentum that would exist if you go downfield and score and parlay that into a needed three-yard gain for the win. But, Boise State has to get the endzone first...

12:34 AM - WOW! The Best Play In College Football for 2006-07. Period. A hook and lateral on fourth down needing to convert to survive. Guts, cajones, stones, whatever you wish to call it, it was money by Chris Petersen and the Boise State staff. Yeah, they didn't kick the extra point, but after that play, you can't. This will be great. Fiesta Bowl 2007 is an instant classic. Boise State 35, Oklahoma 35.

12:39 AM - Well. Touchdown AP and its Oklahoma 42, Boise State 35. The Broncos possession coming up next.

12:46 AM - Boise State comes with the trickeration. They move the ball a bit, but face a 4th and 2. Its tough coming up with a call right here.

12:49 AM - Nerve-wracking play with RB Ian Johnson on the sideline and QB Jared Zabransky shifting to wide receiver. Boise will go for TWO and the win!!!

12:53 AM - THEY DID IT! THEY DID IT!!! Statue of Liberty play executed to perfection. Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42, OT, Final.

1:00 AM - And then Ian Johnson in the postgame proposes to his girlfriend on camera. College. Football. Only. - Wow.

I am spent. This day began at 11 AM and ends 14 hours later. I am done.

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