November 29, 2006

Awakening the Basketball in me...

Usually I wait until there is no more college football on Saturdays to start worrying about college basketball, however, in another move to go ahead and jump the gun, I can tell you right now the four #1 seeds for this year's NCAA Tournament.


In November.

The four regionals this year are in San Jose, San Antonio, St. Louis, and East Rutherford. (What, no Syracuse to complete the 4-S sweep?)

Already this thing is laying out nicely...

North Carolina (East Rutherford)
Florida (San Antonio)
Kansas (St. Louis)
UCLA (San Jose)

It's really that simple.

Naw. We have a ton of time left in the basketball season and things will start heating up in December, but for me the #1's are set and everyone else is rushing to see which region they will be #2 in.

Oh, and Ohio State #1? Huh?

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