June 16, 2006

The latest discussion for the men of the Blog Poll roundtable:

1. Best pre-season mag.
Well, I bought my first Phil Steele mag and I must say I understand all the hoopla as well. One dude who watches 12 TVs on the weekend and writes all his own previews has me misty-eyed. Lucky bastard.

2. Overrated team.
It’s Michigan, as always. Just count off the hype with me: This will be the year that Chad Henne becomes an elite quarterback. (He’s not that bad.) This is the year that Steve Breaston will live up to the hype and become the next great UM receiver. (Wrong. He’s a good return man, period.) This is the year that Mike Hart will return to freshman form when he ripped everyone. (Needs to happen.)

My hunch is that all three need to happen for Michigan to challenge for the Big Ten. I’m laying out some cash that 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, which describes the Wolverines.

3. Underrated team.
Georgia. The Bulldogs have the best record of any team since 2000 that hasn’t won a national championship. The Dawgs under Mark Richt seemingly reload and everyone is worried about the loss of Shockley under center and whether Tereshinski can beat out Stafford or Cox. Why worry? The Dawgs have capable running backs and the receiving corps was never lights out during their six seasons with Richt. The Dawgs will do just fine, until their usual loss in Jacksonville, but they will remain in the SEC championship discussion up to the bitter end.

4. Best conference in 2006
The SEC, hands down.

5. Best non-BCS conference in 2006
I like Conference USA. UTEP, Memphis, Southern Mississippi, Tulsa, Central Florida, and Houston were all winners and could each duplicate the feat in 2006. UAB and Marshall will be tougher.

6. Best non-BCS team
Utah will enjoy one more year under Urban’s kids.

7. Heisman, but you can’t take BQ.
Steve Slaton, West Virginia vs. Michael Bush, Louisville. Their game in October is one that is not getting nearly enough hype. Both will tear up the Big East, which could help or hurt their voting appeal.


Ben said...

You take issue with Michigan preseason rated somewhere between #11 - #17, that's your perogative. Most overrated, though? Wow. First, look within. And if you don't want to look within... look at an unbiased source:


"The 35-year evidence bears out your long-held belief that Notre Dame football gets way more credit in the polls than it deserves. The Irish have been ranked in 30 preseasons since 1971, but have been able to maintain or improve upon that projection a mere eight times. And on 11 occasions, they slid completely off the charts by the time the final bowl game had been played. The last three times Notre Dame was ranked in the preseason—1999, 2001 and 2003—it failed to manufacture more than five wins."

Couple that with the Quinn/Weis media reach-around and you've got yourself a varitable French/Irish orgy.

I understand you can't pick your own team for this category... but when you pick UM, I have to strike back, my friend.

The College Game said...

Fair enough, but seriously, the 38-0 debacle removed from the discussion, Notre Dame has owned Michigan. Before the Wolverines can talk big they need to win in South Bend or Columbus.

Notre Dame is overrated to an extent. I think they'll closely resemble USC next year. A team will come along that will simply match them point for point.

Part of it too, Notre Dame was getting a lot of the attention in Blogosphere from all other entrants, so I wanted to zig just a bit.

Technically according to the article you linked, shouldn't we be waiting for Michigan State to implode again?

Ben said...

I do see your point. But waiting for MSU to implode is kind of like waiting for the sun to come up -- it's gonna happen, and it's fun to watch once and awhile, but altogether not that exciting.

However, as to nd "owning" UM (save the 38-0 drubbing of 2003), I have to call bullshit on that.

I won't write it because, as they say, someone also already has done it better:

"Notre Dame having won two in a row, three of the last four, those kind of inconsequential samples of data in a sport that’s history spans more than a century in both schools. Michigan was 4-3-1 against Notre Dame in the nineties, taking two of the last three, and three of the last four."

Check out the data yourself, if you don't believe me.

You want to talk about the last four years then yes, nd has done well. "Ownership", though, is talking with food in your mouth.

The College Game said...

Ah, but then this keeps running in circles. Shouldn't we then use since the series re-started in 1978? 12-9-1 Notre Dame, thanks to www.cfbdatawarehouse.com. I wouldn't say ownership, but its an advantage. More to the point, over the last four seasons, Michigan was supposed to be this huge program that gets their fair share of recruits. Notre Dame was outdated cool like parachute pants and yet still won 3 of 4, once in your house.

Of course, your retort should be to count every game in which Michigan leads 18-14-1. It never ends. But there is the fun in fandom, the ability to disagree all the way until the game is played. And even then you might blame the refs for the loss afterwards.

Ben, you really have to get your own space, seems like you have a lot to say.

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David@Cardattack said...

I agree that the matchup between Bush and Slaton isn't getting much early season publicity. Albeit, Brady Quinn is a fine quarterback, and only plays at God's university,I don't think it is fair to assume that he is is the only front-runner candidate. Bush and Slaton is a matchup any football purist would love to see in person.Louisville officials have released a Heisman promo website to promote both Bush and Quarterback Brian Brohm. www.derbycityduo.com

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