December 05, 2006

The mess that is, but Michigan isn't special...

There really is nothing like watching your rivals melt the frick down. However, the sad part is that I could identify with them being a Notre Dame fan. I still wait for the year when Notre Dame gets #2 with a loss and the world will turn on its head.

But, you want to talk screw job? Auburn 2004 puts any one else's problems to bed. Auburn conquers what is annually the best conference in the nation and gets bupkus for it. You want to talk screwed? Even Miami of 2000 can't compare to their argument. They lost because of the pre-season polls. The funny thing is that everyone NOW wants to talk about Michigan being so much better, then why were they ranked below Florida to start the season? Was Florida to be screwed because their one loss came in an earlier scheduled game than Michigan? Pre-season polls are a culprit in this to be certain. They need to be dumped.

Before we get to poking fun let me say this, college football needs a playoff. There really is no reason why this cannot happen. Missed classes? Too much travel? Tradition? Puhleeze. As much as I will enjoy watching a traditional Rose Bowl this year, I am quite sure Michigan fans could do without the trip to Pasadena in favor of settling it on the field.

With the whining that is coming from the Wolverine fans, there are simply certain things that are absurd and beliefs that Michigan fans hold that I don't want to ever hear again. It's time to put all of it "on notice"...

1. Goal : Rose Bowl. One way to stoke your fire is simply to go out to Pasadena and beat USC, followed by Ohio State demolishing Florida. Make your points, campaign in vain to everyone. However, the built-in excuse is already forming. "We got screwed, how could we be motivated." The goal is the Rose Bowl each and every year so either its good enough to be in Pasadena or I never want to hear how special it is to make the trip out west.

2. "On a neutral field..." One of the common complaints is that Michigan, OMG, had to play Ohio State in Columbus!!! It's just not fair! Okay then, rip up the contract with Ohio State and play each year in a rotating site between say Cleveland and Detroit. Split the tickets 50/50 and that way, whenever each team has a year like your having, then they will have won/lost on a neutral field. Florida and Georgia do it, Auburn and Alabama did it, so there is precedence.

3. Reverse Argument.
4. Bo.
5. Big Ten Titles are Special.

- All three are linked. Conference titles should mean something so we're told. Oklahoma and Nebraska circumvented the system and Notre Dame sits as a threat to the system in that conference champions should only play for the title. I have a hard time believing that an one-loss UCLA team that just lost to USC at the Coliseum would get an argument over Michigan should the same scenario ever present itself. Bo would roll in his grave. A team that didn't win their all-important conference should get to play in the title game? No chance.

Simply put, any fan in their place would argue either way. If your Florida your going to argue conference titles, if your Michigan your going to argue the system.

6. Wisconsin = Awesome. In theory, all the conferences play each other except the Big Ten, or at least conference champions that is. The SEC would match up division champions if undefeated, the Big XII and the ACC as well for that matter. The Pac-10 all play each other as well as the Big East. Only in the Big Ten can you get a computer (they use them for something) to spit out a schedule where a team can win the conference by avoiding one of the two powers. 2005 Purdue could have run the table and won the conference without playing either team. Wisconsin only exists as a one-loss team because they didn't have to play Ohio State. What is Wisconsin's biggest win? Think about that and ponder at the same time the same Michigan fans who argue their win over Notre Dame and yet routinely give the Irish no credit for who they have beaten. Which is it? Are the Irish a credit to your win total because of our strength or have we not beaten anyone?

Lastly, Florida owns 8 wins over winning teams, whereas the Wolverines own 5. Florida's opponents also are five games better than UM. 89-56 for Florida, 84-61 for Michigan.

Look, all fun aside, we need a playoff to avoid all this mess. Even the computers (not polls) couldn't determine between Florida and Michigan, ending in a direct tie. Off the top of my head, I can't think of the last time that five teams could lay legitimate claim to the title. Lets turn the system into what its already designed to be by putting the top four teams (Ohio State, Florida, Michigan, LSU by rank, Louisville by opinion) seeded against each other and have the title a week later.

It would be a start.


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Ben said...

I understand this is in fun, in a chip-on-your-shoulder kinda way. But you're not expected to know why conference titles are special. The "national title" thing is a recent phenomenon. Originally, it was a fun thing to vote on by the press after a season. Tons of organizations had them. The real mustard was in winning your conference. Conference play was everything. I'm sure you know this.

As a notre dame fan, you're not expected to understand that. However, what you are expected to understand, and not the least of which that makes you post hypocritical and almost comical, is tradition.

Kettle said...

... and here you go, Pot.


Anonymous said...

god, your blog sucks and you are such a dumb you even watch college football?!?! Thank god you are just a shitty ND fan, the sucked ass this year, and will suck even more next year. Have fun replacing 18 starters. HAHAHAHAH God you suck!!

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